Below is a list of various writings I have done. Some are available to read for free and others are available to purchase through Amazon. Please check back from time to time as I will be working on more stories in the future. Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments on my blog page!

Channel 49 (Short Story)


What happens when the technology of yesterday brings about the revelation of a lifetime that could change your future. The year is 2009 when analog television with antennas is being broadcast for the last time to usher in the digital era. One night, a teenage boy stumbles upon an old television set that is more than it seems. Channel 49 will be the last channel he will ever tune into.

Channel 49 Amazon Kindle Page

Psychic Stella (Television Pilot Script)


Stella and her partner Amanda get a visit from a client who is having trouble at his job and with his love life. Stella and Amanda secretly follow  him around the city comically manipulating events from behind the scenes in order to make their client's life much better.

As of now, I am trying to pitch this script to different studios with hopes of it being optioned.

Psychic Stella Television Pilot Script PDF